Nail Art: Freehand Easter Bunny

Well hello again!  It's been awhile, hasn't it?  Whilst I haven't stopped painting my nails, life has been getting in the way of photographing and blogging my manis - and I intend to change that, starting with this adorable DIY Easter-themed manicure!

Nail Art: Reverse Stamping

Phew, getting back into the swing of things.  This mani I actually wore quite some time ago, as you'll see in my next post... my nails are nubs now!  Was the holiday period tough on your nails too?

I used quite a few polishes to achieve this look, but let's talk about the stamping plate first.

Nail Polish Strips: Incoco midnight countdown

Well Happy New Year!  Perhaps I'm a little early, but the clock will tick over here in a few short hours so I thought I'd fire this post off before the fireworks!

This manicure features Incoco nail wraps, and I have to say I'm...

Nail Art: Freehand Stripes & Print

It's almost Christmassy, right?

I was inspired for this mani by a picture doing the rounds on pinterest - it's not watermarked though, and I've no idea how to find the original poster!  Hers was a beautiful mani, and I kinda like mine!

I used so many colours in this one, some great, some not so...

Nail Art: Glitter Placement

I braved my local shopping centre on more than one occasion this week, on the hunt for a new dress to wear to lunch with my in-laws.  I found a dress - finally - but was a little lost for what to put on my nails to match!

This picture was taken after a good few days of wear, and you can see how fast my nails grow.  It's such a pain to have to keep filing or cutting them!  I have no doubt it's partly the fault of my basecoat, OPI's Nail Envy, however it keeps them so strong and sturdy that I can't bring myself to stop using it.

But on to the mani!

Stamping Nail: Let It Snow!

After a nice few cooler days here down under, the sun has popped back out to warm us up again.  I love a hot summer's day, but this manicure is a tribute to the complete opposite, a weather event that actually doesn't occur where I live: snow!

I've reverted to my trusty OPI Nail Envy for a basecoat, as the more sharp-eyed reader might note

Stamping Nail + Freehand

Phew!  Well haven't I been the busy one.  This time of year is just craaaaazy!  

I absolutely love this gold polish by OPI.  It's meant to be a satin finish, but I added a topcoat for instant sparkle and shine, and boy, I am not disappointed.  My linework could probably use some practice, though!