Nail Polish Strips: Incoco midnight countdown

Well Happy New Year!  Perhaps I'm a little early, but the clock will tick over here in a few short hours so I thought I'd fire this post off before the fireworks!

This manicure features Incoco nail wraps, and I have to say I'm...

Nail Art: Freehand Stripes & Print

It's almost Christmassy, right?

I was inspired for this mani by a picture doing the rounds on pinterest - it's not watermarked though, and I've no idea how to find the original poster!  Hers was a beautiful mani, and I kinda like mine!

I used so many colours in this one, some great, some not so...

Nail Art: Glitter Placement

I braved my local shopping centre on more than one occasion this week, on the hunt for a new dress to wear to lunch with my in-laws.  I found a dress - finally - but was a little lost for what to put on my nails to match!

This picture was taken after a good few days of wear, and you can see how fast my nails grow.  It's such a pain to have to keep filing or cutting them!  I have no doubt it's partly the fault of my basecoat, OPI's Nail Envy, however it keeps them so strong and sturdy that I can't bring myself to stop using it.

But on to the mani!

Stamping Nail: Let It Snow!

After a nice few cooler days here down under, the sun has popped back out to warm us up again.  I love a hot summer's day, but this manicure is a tribute to the complete opposite, a weather event that actually doesn't occur where I live: snow!

I've reverted to my trusty OPI Nail Envy for a basecoat, as the more sharp-eyed reader might note

Stamping Nail + Freehand

Phew!  Well haven't I been the busy one.  This time of year is just craaaaazy!  

I absolutely love this gold polish by OPI.  It's meant to be a satin finish, but I added a topcoat for instant sparkle and shine, and boy, I am not disappointed.  My linework could probably use some practice, though!

Stamping Nail: Christmas!

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas! And how very excited I am!

You might notice that this picture is of my right hand.  Now, I have a left-handed camera and no tripod, so you can appreciate how difficult a capture this was!  I remember now why I ventured from square to squoval nails... I've chipped the corners off two of my left hand nails.  Two!  Le sigh.  Perhaps it's time for squoval again?

Stamping Nail: Born Pretty

Can I just say, whilst Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On is an okay stamping polish, it's not the best.  The houndstooth print on my middle nail is not quite as white as the picture in real life, sadly!

So I must ask, which white stamping polish do you use?  I don't own any of the Konad polishes, and sadly neglected to order a white last time I ordered from Mundo De Unas!

Freehand Nail Art: Vintage Print Roses

My youngest son is having a birthday party at kindergarten today, so please excuse the blue food dye on my thumb!  I was originally going to photograph my right hand for this post, but it is far more blue than my leftie over here!  Oh dear!  That's what I get for my cake-making forays.

Otherwise, I'm pretty happy with how this turned out!

Nail Art: Glitter Placement

glitter placement nail art essence picture polish swagger tiffany

As much as I loved the last manicure I posted, I picked up these glitters from the Essence - Yes, We POP! collection and I couldn't wait to try them out.  I've never attempted a glitter placement mani before, and I have to say it was much easier than I thought it would be.

Stamping Nail: MoYou London

stamping nail moyou london china glaze for audrey OPI my vampire is buff

This wasn't my best effort at stamping, as you can tell from the picture.  I've read other bloggers complain about MoYou plates being too deeply engraved, but I've never had a problem with them previously!  Perhaps I was a little bit distracted.

Stamping Nail: Born Pretty

stamping nail art bornprettystore

I was really loving the colour combo from my last manicure, and found myself drawing from it again when I repainted my nails.  This was just a simple, quick mani, but I think it turned out really well -- nice and bright!

Stamping nail: Born Pretty

stamping gradient nail art bornprettystore

It's almost summertime here in the southern hemisphere, and I've noticed my moods taking an upturn of late as the temperatures rise.  Do you find your colour choices on your nails are influenced by the weather?


Well hello there! I'm Amanda, proud beginner of Nail This, Nail That.  Welcome!

I've been polishing for quite some time now, and I love all things nail art.  It's rare that I wear a plain manicure these days!  I invite you to join me as I post, and read along about my love of the artful manicure.  It's great to have you!