Nail Polish Strips: Incoco midnight countdown

Well Happy New Year!  Perhaps I'm a little early, but the clock will tick over here in a few short hours so I thought I'd fire this post off before the fireworks!

This manicure features Incoco nail wraps, and I have to say I'm...

Not sold.

Now, I should preface this by saying that they look amazing.  The whole set has this subtly spectacular holo to it, and my nails are positively shimmering in any light.

However, these wraps were horrendous to apply.  Perhaps I'm just a noob when it comes to wraps and polish strips, but I ended up having to cut some larger strips to fit after I inadvertently applied the right sized ones crooked.  The Incoco website claims that you can peel off and reposition the strips, but I had to remove with remover to start again as my set did not peel back off as I was positioning.  I'm really sad that I bought four packs of these to try, I can't see me using them very often!  It find it much easier to simply paint my nails, although the lack of drying time was a bonus.

Despite my criticism, I do really love these on the nail.  This is the midnight countdown set 02884 by Incoco.  I picked mine up at a pop-up store in my local Westfield shopping centre, but you can order yours online at!

Have you ever tried polish strips?  How did you find them?

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