Stamping Nail + Freehand

Phew!  Well haven't I been the busy one.  This time of year is just craaaaazy!  

I absolutely love this gold polish by OPI.  It's meant to be a satin finish, but I added a topcoat for instant sparkle and shine, and boy, I am not disappointed.  My linework could probably use some practice, though!

The polish I used for this mani is none other than Love.Angel.Music.Baby by Gwen Stefani for OPI.  I thought long and hard before finally deciding to stamp with plate BP-14 from, and then outlined my accent nail all in Ulta3 Black Satin.  

As usual, my basecoat is Essie Grow Faster, and topcoat is Glisten&Glow HK Girl

As much as I wanted to add another accent nail or a bit more stamping or outlining... I just can't.  This polish.  It's so beautiful, I just can't bear to cover it up anymore!!

Do you own Love.Angel.Music.Baby?  Do you prefer it with or without a topcoat?


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